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From the 1700’s the family descendants of John Bates on the most part settled in villages in the County of Warwickshire these being mainly Newbold on Avon, Hillmorton, Offchurch, Harborough Magna and Bilton.

From the evidence of the Census and Parish records the major employment was mainly agricultural, as Labourer’s, Waggoner’s, Blacksmiths and carriers.

Richard Jones Bates served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith and from the Kelly’s Directory we have evidence that Richard Bates around the 1860’s was in business.

The birthplaces of Newbold on Avon Warks and Harborough Magna, Warks, shown in Census forms are only a mile apart being located just outside Rugby which is about 3 miles from Harborough Magna. Bilton is also mentioned.

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Great grandfather Richard Jones Bates a Blacksmith born 1846 at Newbold on Avon Warwickshire Harborough Magna Parish. children according to the Census 1881 and 1901 are Alice Bates, Arthur Bates, Caroline Lusia Bates, Daniel Ward Bates. Name of spouse Elizabeth Gamble

Our grandfather was Daniel Ward Bates farrier/blacksmith of shire horses at Little Chesterton near Bicester Oxon Born Harborough Magna, Warwickshire, England. Served in WW1 in France.

He was married to Lily Elizabeth Jones. they had eight children.

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Horace Leslie Bates (Jo) married to Gwendoline Bates nee’

Alice  Bates (Furzer nee’ Bates)  living in 25 The Green Chesterton: Alice has two boys David Furzer and Brian. Brian is in France David lives in Texas.USA