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Chard Nature Reserve — 2 Comments

  1. Some very good points raised here and Chard needs to do something about this for too long we have had no voice….

  2. Agree whole heartedly Lewis. I and several others have been birding the res for 30 years or more and we have all seen the number of species drop, so something is very wrong. It’s beginning to feel more like a country park than a nature reserve and it’s just getting worse. You are of course quite correct when you say that nobody involved with the general management of the reserve has any knowledge or real interest in the wildlife, which for a nature reserve is utterly ludicrous! I visited today and found a family of 4 adults and two kids camped out with chairs having a picnic in the duck feeding area! Not the place to have a picnic and really very selfish of them as it stopped all of the others using the area, which forced the duck feeders back into the bird hide!! Unfortunately, as long as members of the public choose to abuse the nature reserve in this way, it will never fulfil its potential and will continue to deteriorate in terms of it’s biodiversity. Still, as long as the SSDC get a green flag and they can all pat themselves on the back, to hell with the wildlife.

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