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  1. My property lies approximately 120 meters from the chicken farm, only a few weeks ago the smell from the farm was so bad I could not sit in my garden, I had to go inside and shut the doors and windows but by then the smell had entered my house.
    Not only was the smell bad but our eyes were stinging to.
    Along with the smell I also have grain Lorries unloading late at night, this can range from 11.30pm through to the early hours. Only last Sunday morning at 7.25am I had to put up with lorry noises, not on when I have to get up 6am every week day to go to work, we all like a day of rest I’m sure.
    I would be interested to hear from others in the village to see how they are affected.
    I have emailed my concerns to the Parish council Friday the 10th of August but as yet I have not had the courtesy of a reply.

    I must add that this is not an isolated case it has been getting worse over the last few years

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